We've been casting our mind back to some of your favourite local nightspots over the years.

Here we bring you a round-up of some of the nightclubs and bars you miss the most. How many of them do you remember?

One of the most missed venues was Mariners pub and the connected Verdis nightclub, which were established in 1980. It was set up by Mike Shalts, who sadly died of cancer in 2001. Mariners and Verdi became known as a top independent live music venue.

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Over the years it hosted famous DJs and groups, including the band Ash.

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The Mariners

Lucy Hardwicke said she particularly misses 1980s Verdis.

Another much missed nightspot is the Steering Wheel club in Maiden Street, Weymouth, which also had a branch in Dorchester.

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Weymouth's Steering Wheel had three floors and a visit there was often combined with frequenting the nearby Coffee Machine and the Cavalier and, in another incarnation, the Music Box underneath.

It was a popular venue for many of our readers in the 1960s and 1970s - Pauline Stevens said she spent many happy days there in the 1960s, while Julie Lyde loved going there in the late 1970s.

'The Wheel' as it was known, would be open until late. Frances Sharpe remembers: "I absolutely loved my youth dancing till 2am, then off to the Copper Kitchen for their very own spice chicken and chips or it would be Monica's. Oh I miss those days so much.

Readers also remember a particular DJ at 'the Wheel', Shack, who would be spinning the records into the wee hours and a band called Package Deal would play there often.

Liz Blount tells us: "The Wheel was the best place ever, full of all the most gorgeous guys and gals every weekend!" And Donna J Young says she met her husband at the Steering Wheel 41 years ago.

People also have fond memories of Harry's, the Concorde Club, formerly Stirrups, Terracotta and Malibu, Rumshack, Terracotta, Baxter's Wine Bar and the Harbour Club, which is now the Rendezvous.

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Apparently Malibu was where the bar would shut at 2am but the music would carry on until 2.30am!

"I miss Viccy Bars, which was then Fairhaven Bars, then the New Vic," Mick Norrington said.

Many of these night spots shaped Johnny Blair's formative years, he tells us.

"I used to DJ at Raffles, Steering Wheel with Jeff King! Harbour Club two years ( just before it closed) , Pickwick Club with George! Harrys when Nino and Neil had it for some years, players, the Regal on Portland, Clouds in Viccy Square for Josh and many more. I really enjoyed my young years working for some great people in the clubs through the years both bosses and staff ! And I still continue to DJ today in bars, clubs.and a radio station. My stepdad said 'You'll never be a DJ all your life - how wrong he was!"

Ree Tipton told us: "I miss Cellavino and the Shield Club or even further back, Tudor Bares and Monica’s!"

Sarah Limm said: "It wasn't a nightclub, but I miss Queens."

Another much chosen missed venue was the Cats Whiskers in School Street, where the talking point would be its illuminated floor. The club’s owner was well-known Weymouth businessman Nino Ronzitti.

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The Cats Whiskers

Angela Ashley could name many of her favourite hang-outs: "I miss the 49 Club, the Steering Wheel as well, great memories.

"There were so many back then, Queens Ballroom Burdon Hotel, Music Box the Pavilion Ballroom,, Sidney Hall, The Rock, just to name a few - we had great times out nearly every night but never on a Sunday."

Meanwhile, it would appear that some sadly missed out on these venues - Ray Jones tells us: "I left Weymouth in 1958.....there were no night clubs then!"

If we've missed off any of your favourite night spots, let us know below.