I thank Christine Tempest for her response to my own view upon pay.

She refers to slavery, should everybody not be given a pay rise. Sadly, the fact is, we are born, sent into education to then earn a living, and that is all slavery.

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We rent or have a long term mortgage to get a roof over our heads. Just about every aspect of our lives is taxed, even if only through V.A.T. If you have built up some savings and an asset, it could then be taxed yet again when you die, instead of passing it onto your family.

Christine suggests, I expect tongue in cheek, that I was saying people ought to work for nothing! That is not at all what was being pointed out. But to put it the other way around, let us say, everybody got a minimum wage of £1,000 a week. Who is going to pay for that? You are!

You have to pay for the pay rises given to other people, and they, for yours. It will be passed onto the customer. If not, the employer goes bust and you are out of a job.

I have been an employee, a manager, self-employed and small business owner. I have never been well paid, if at all. That is, I ended up as a carer to my immediate family. I am not a well off, right wing Tory, as some have suggested.

What I was saying, no matter how much pay goes up, certain things in life will always be out of reach.

You have to be very lucky indeed should you have a job, which you thoroughly enjoy and are well paid. Most of us are unfortunately on that treadmill of trying to cope.

Please read my letter again and not just jump down my throat because you did not quite understand what I was writing.

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