A FUNDRAISER set to raise the pulses as well as cash is taking place at a hugely popular tourist attraction in Weymouth this Halloween season.

The Nothe of the Living Dead event, which will feature a web of tunnels infested with flesh-eating zombies, is coming back to Weymouth with a new plot and new challenges and surprises.

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The event, a collaboration between charities the Nothe Fort, Island Community Action (ICA) and EPIC Games Dorset, will run on October 29 and 30 from 6pm to 11.30pm each night.

Mary-Anne Edwards, Nothe Fort’s manager, said: "With a history of paranormal activity and a labyrinth of spooky underground passageways, the Nothe Fort is the perfect venue to pull out all the stops and deliver a truly terrifying Halloween event.

"We’ve always known the Fort was famous for its ghosts, but zombies offer that extra scare factor.

"As a local charity, we’re also keen to collaborate with other community organisations. In fact, what makes Nothe of the Living Dead so special is that we’re not only offering a great experience, we are also raising funds for three really worthwhile causes."

Kim Wilcocks, CEO for Island Community Action, said: "Due to Covid-19 we were unable to run the event last year, however, we’re back with a stack of new plot twists and frights.

Emma Mason, EPIC Games Dorset’s Director, said: "We really like the fact this event offers a fully immersive experience.

"There’s a great mix of horror, challenge and laughs. We’re always looking to improve the event each year, and we’ve definitely upped the fear and fun factors for 2021."

Tickets are priced at £25.

For more on this,visit: nothefort.org.uk