Last week in our MP’s weekly article he went on a rant about the latest example of his Government’s bad faith when dealing with countries we used to call partners and justifies upsetting the French on the basis that they deserve it for “forwarding migrants across the Channel” (which they don’t do by the way) and for “disrupting our fish supply chain”.

I think he would find that the latter is a result of the deal his Government did with Europe, which he voted for and stood at an election touting as the ovenready deal which would solve all the issues.

Finally he seems to welcome the disruption that the UK economy (and the inconvenience for his constituents) is having as a result of fuel and other shortages as a “Brexit disruptor” to bring about higher wages i.e as a direct result of his Government’s actions.

The question is if this is all part of Brexit then why didn’t his Government plan for it - they have only been in Government for 11 years and it is five years since the referendum.

Surely they could have executed their great plan to take us out of Europe without bringing the country to its knees or perhaps they know this would be the result all along and didn’t care.


Burton Bradstock