WEYMOUTH BID has offered £2,000 of funding for a Christmas lights tunnel at the Nothe Fort despite management at the attraction asking for £13,000.

The funding from the BID, trading as We Are Weymouth, would match a £2,000 grant from Weymouth Town Council for the festive display, but falls short of what was originally requested.

Following a meeting, it was decided that the BID would only match the amount from Weymouth Town Council and not provide the full £13,000.

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Dawn Rondeau, We Are Weymouth (BID) manager, said: “We Are Weymouth is delighted to report that after the board meeting it was agreed to match the amount given by Weymouth Town Council in support of the Nothe Fort with its Christmas lights initiative.

“We Are Weymouth is committed to marketing the event through its various media channels, alongside the four weeks of events it is delivering throughout the town.”

As a result Nothe Fort will be holding a management meeting on Monday, October 11, to address the situation and discuss what they can do with the funding that has been offered.

Original plans included a Christmas lights tunnel in a bid to draw visitors to the town during the festive shopping period inspired by a display at the Shipwreck Museum in Cornwall.

Dorset Echo:

Co-general manager at Nothe Fort, Mary-Anne Edwards, previously said the project would cost £32,040 with the lights being provided by a firm based in Crossways.

Ms Edwards said having the firm supply the festive lights would support a local business.

With £2,000 being offered from Weymouth Town Council organisers hoped We Are Weymouth would fund £13,000, with Nothe Fort supplying the rest of the money.

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Ms Edwards previously said: “There will be a legacy with this as the first year will be small but we will build on it year on year.

“Nothe Fort is an iconic landmark and I think it would have a reach right across the south west.

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“I'm confident nowhere else in Dorset or the surrounding areas will do something like this. It will have the wow factor."

Nothe Fort’s management meeting will be taking place on Monday, October 11, to decide what the next course action will be for the organisers regarding the Christmas lights display.