TWO sharks have been spotted off the Dorset coast - on paddleboards.

Jim Hart and Bex Webb, went out on their paddleboards near Poole Harbour, wearing inflatable shark costumes.

Traffic in Sandbanks Road was at a standstill as people were "honking their horns, clapping and taking photos".

Jim said: “We decided after the controversy of the shark sightings in Southbourne that we wanted our latest costumes to be sharks.

“People were asking whether we were doing it for charity or just doing it to make people smile and that was our main intention really.

“There’s quite a lot of negativity in the world and it’s nice to try and bring a smile to people’s faces.

“People said it made their day and we had traffic at a standstill so it was quite a nice thing.”

This is the second time the pair have dressed up to go paddleboarding, they previously dressed up as dinosaurs and had a similar reaction from the public.

They are both experienced paddleboarders who go out three or four times a week and they take someone in the water with them for safety when they dress up.

Jim has been paddle boarding now for six years and he has two paddle board sponsors, so he takes his paddle board all over the world.

When asked about their future plans, Jim said: “Let’s say that Halloween is around the corner and then Christmas, so we have plans in place. Certainly, at Christmas we’ll be dressing up in a couple of similar inflatable outfits to raise some smiles.”