PUPILS at a Dorset school received a lesson on CPR and live saving skills from a first aid workshop.

Classmates at Stower Provost Community School near Gillingham took part in their First Aid workshop courtesy of Mini First Aid, which taught the children key life skills ranging from what happens to their bodies if they were hurt and how they would be treated by a grown up, to understanding basic first aid knowledge required for a first aid emergency.

The children were shown how to deal with bumps, burns, breaks, bleeding, how to carry out CPR and, how to deal with choking. The Mini First Aid course content has been carefully crafted in partnership with educational psychologists, teachers and first aid industry bodies, and all its trainers are experienced in working with children as young as three years old. At the end of the workshops the children were awarded a certificate and booklet to take home.

James Stanford, Headteacher at Stower Provost Community School said: “We are thrilled to have been offered this opportunity and so thankful to all the individuals that put our school forward for a nomination. The session was so carefully thought out, insightful and informative and it was great for the children to engage in an experience like this outside of their usual classroom activities.”

“It was lovely to see the children’s confidence and skills building throughout the session and it has left them with a great sense of independence and reassurance that they know how to act in a first aid emergency.”

Sue Fisher, who runs the Mini First Aid classes in Dorset, said: “It was great spending time with the children and teachers at Stower Provost Community School. As first aid is such a vital life lesson, it’s always such a rewarding experience being able to share your knowledge with children of a young age, providing them with skills that they not only use throughout their childhood, but later in life too.”

Founded in 2014 by mum of six Kate Ball, Mini First Aid was a response to a lack of early years focused and child-friendly first aid courses available to young parents and children.

The workshops are hugely beneficial to the children, whilst also providing reassurance to parents and teachers that their children are equipped with the correct tools and techniques needed to remain as safe as possible.

Michelle Roberts, Head of OTC Marketing at Thornton & Ross, added: “As Savlon is considered a first aid kit essential, our partnership with Mini First Aid goes hand in hand. We are proud to have been able to play a part in providing the local children of Stower Provost Community School with these fantastic life lessons and it’s great to hear the children and teachers shared such as positive experience with the Little First Aider Academy.”