With the recent disruption on Portland Beach Road thanks to two sets of troublesome roadworks, maybe it’s time that we put the talk of a Western relief road back in the public conversation.

We saw how temporary traffic lights caused big problems to and from Portland in recent weeks and how it was a nightmare for locals and commuters.

Surely with the proposed Portland Incinerator, more housing developments and population in the area likely to rise we need this relief road. We cannot go on like this.

Portland Port is also thriving with tourists coming in from cruise ships and with the Dorset area seeing an influx of daytrippers and holidaymakers thanks to a staycation boom.

A link between Chickerell and Ferrybridge would help Portland and Weymouth areas prosper, provide an economic boost, improve quality of life for residents and most importantly, cut down on these traffic problems.

I know our MP backs the plans as well as Dorset Council but we just need the Government to understand the importance of this much-needed relief road that will boost the area.