SEVERAL youths were seen causing anti-social behaviour in Weymouth, with one being marched home to their parents.

Officers from Weymouth and Portland Police were out in Littlemoor last night when they came across a group of young people causing anti-social behaviour at Littlemoor Shopping Centre.

Two of the youths were given section 35 dispersal notices and one was taken home to their parents.

Officers have warned that there has been a recent rise in cases of anti-social behaviour in the area, and they know who the main culprits are and will be working to stop them.

A spokesman for Weymouth and Portland Police said: "A number of young persons were causing anti-social behaviour in and around Littlemoor Shopping Centre.

"Officers were there for a while. Two individuals were issued section 35 dispersal notices and one taken home to their parents.

"We are aware of a recent spate of anti-social behaviour incidents reported to police in the area. We know who the main individuals involved in this are and are working with parents and partner agencies to try and address this issue. Please continue to report any further problems."

While the officers were dealing with the youths, a member of the public left a chocolate bar on the windshield of the police car.

Dorset Echo: Picture: Weymouth and Portland PolicePicture: Weymouth and Portland Police

A spokesman said: "Whilst dealing with an incident at Littlemoor this evening, a very kind member of the public left some chocolate on our police vehicle. We would like to say a big thank you to who ever you are."