AN UNINSURED driver had her car seized after weeks of dodging the police.

The Dorset Police No Excuse team had been trying to find the driver of an uninsured car for weeks, and were finally able to catch up with them today.

The female driver did not have a licence and the car had no tax, no MOT and was uninsured. The car was seized and the driver will be reported to court for all the offences.

A spokesman for the Dorset Police No Excuse team said: "We have been trying to catch up with this vehicle for a few weeks, but we were never in the right place at the right time, however, we were today.

"The vehicle has had no tax since August 1 2020, the MOT expired on August 21 2021, the driver was disqualified for totting up points (however this expired on October 11), and there is no driving licence in place today. The insurance expired in January 2021.

"The vehicle had come to our attention via Operation Tutelage. This operation is to address the estimated one million vehicles using UK roads each day without insurance and, although this figure has been static for a number of years, it is now starting to increase.

"Notwithstanding the impact of uninsured driving itself, there are proven links between uninsured driving and other types of criminality, many linked to the safety of others, and all with significant socio-economic cost.

"Operation Tutelage is a relatively recent concept, stemming from an idea that the vast majority of people appear as uninsured for unintentional reasons. It was also believed that high numbers of these unintentionally uninsured could be encouraged to rectify the situation via a procedurally “just remind” approach, by sending them a letter.

"The female driver ignored those letters and now will be back to court shortly for all offences The vehicle was seized."