DORSET has been starring in a Channel 4’s evening show The Perfect Pitch throughout this week as three sets of guests tour the Jurassic Coast.

Over the week locations such as Weymouth, Charmouth and the Dorset countryside, all feature in various episodes of the show.

On Thursday’s episode, October 6, the campers pitch-up at Longthorn Farm where they take some alpacas for a walk.

The group then tried clay pigeon shooting, sand sculpting and coastal kayaking - much to the delight of vintage caravaners Steph and Cam who feature this week as guests.

Dorset Echo: The Jurassic Coast - Steph and Cameron..

“The series was a real eye-opener and perhaps a bit more adventurous with where we go and there's a real variety of stuff on show,” said Cam Burn.

“It really does cover everything from all singing, all dancing in commercial sites, to literally small startups that have ended glamping and everything in between.

“Dorset has a lot of great scenery and a great coastline, but there's the great countryside as well. It's kind of got everything and, and across the week, we saw such a broad variety of what there is to offer.”

The aim of the show is to provide the ultimate guide to the very best campsites in Britain and help viewers plan their future holidays in the UK.

Cam tours alongside fellow vintage caravan Steph who was impressed with her first visit to the county.

She said: “Dorset was an absolute joy you do not realise how lovely it is, it was wonderful to go.

“It shows the area in a great light and I think some people will be taken back by it.”

The guest on the Channel 4 show was impressed by Dorset’s beaches and scenery believing it to be ‘cheaper’ than neighbouring alternatives in Somerset and Devon.

Whilst taking part in a whole manor of different activities for both Steph and Cam the most enjoyable activity they took part in while in Dorset was a white-knuckle boat tour.

Cam said: “On the day the sea was so rough that they advised that we shouldn't actually go out.

“They said it'd be very difficult to film and the guy who'd run the business for forever said he wouldn't go out in boats out in these rough waters generally. It was like a roller coaster ride.”

But, fortunately the conditions allowed the team to take to the water and they enjoyed the experience in one of the many activities they hope shows both residents and tourists alike about the many things to do while in the county.

Cam was also impressed by Weymouth with its historic harbour because its ‘very scenic’ and ‘there a great selection of shops’ along with a variety of stuff to do.

Dorset Echo: Weymouth Harbour Picture: June Gillespie

Looking back at some of the campsites they stayed at, Cam said: “Some of the sites we found during the week were absolutely fantastic and not what we would normally choose either.

“Our favourites for the week were definitely not places that we would choose.”

Both Cam and Steph run youtube channels relating to their vintage passion.

To see more of their content and find out more about the duo visit notanotherwhitebox, for Cam’s channel, and for Steph’s its idriveaclassic - between them they amass over 32,000 subscribers.

Dorset’s episode's featuring in The Perfect Pitch will be airing at 5.30pm on Channel 4 for the rest of the week with the final episode in the county airing Friday, October 15.