HUNDREDS of people gathered in Portland marching in protest against plans for a new incinerator on the Dorset island.

Crowds gathered at Victoria Square around 10am on Saturday, October 16, where a small stage was set-up as organisers delivered several short speeches.

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The protesters then marched up the hill chanting and banging drums on their way down to Portland Port where they looped around and returned to the square.

As reported, Powerfuel Portland wants to build a £100 million Energy Recovery Facility (ERF) at Portland Port which would burn up to 202,000 tonnes of non-hazardous waste each year to convert to energy.

Dorset Echo: Protest over proposed incinerator 
Picture by Finnbarr Webster

The company says the plant would use waste as a fuel to produce 15MW of energy for the National Grid, which is enough to power around 30,000 homes and provide shore power to Portland Port.

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Here are some of the pictures and videos captured from the day.