FORECASTERS are expecting a mixed couple of days in terms of the weather, but plenty of cloud is expected.

Temperatures are expected to maintain a steady 14c-15c over the weekend, with the outlook for the following week mirroring that of this weekend.

It is the penultimate weekend before Halloween and that means there are plenty of ‘spooky’ events happening across the county and through to next week, as well as plenty of pumpkin picking opportunities.

For those picking pumpkins, or outside in general, on Saturday the weather is predicted to hold-out with a small chance of rain across the whole day.

Sunday, however, is expected to bring more showers but remain a similar temperature throughout.

Looking ahead to next week, which is half-term, forecasters expect rain to fall down on Monday before the skies clear for a drier rest of the week.


Here's the Met Office forecast, obviously this may be subject to change:


Friday, October 22

10am – cloudy, 12c

1pm – cloudy, 13c

4pm – cloudy, 13c

7pm – cloudy, 11c

10pm – cloudy, 10c


Saturday, October 23

7am – cloudy, 11c

10am – cloudy, 13c

1pm – overcast, 14c

4pm – overcast, 14c

7pm – overcast, 14c

10pm – overcast, 14c


Sunday, October 24

7am – overcast, 14c

10am – overcast, 14c

1pm – cloudy, 14c

4pm – cloudy with a chance of rain, 14c

7pm – cloudy with a chance of rain, 14c

10pm –cloudy, 14c


Monday, October 25

7am – cloudy, 13c

10am – sunny, 14c

1pm – sunny intervals with a chance of rain, 14c

4pm –sunny intervals with a chance of rain, 14c

7pm – cloudy, 12c

10pm –cloudy, 11c


Tuesday, October 26

7am – cloudy, 10c

10am –cloudy, 13c

1pm – cloudy, 15c

4pm –cloudy, 15c

7pm – cloudy, 15c

10pm –overcast, 15c


Wednesday, October 27

7am –overcast, 15c

10am – overcast, 16c

1pm – overcast 16c

4pm – overcast, 16c

7pm – overcast, 16c

10pm – overcast, 15c

Wednesday is a far as the Met Office forecast currently goes


What will you being doing this weekend in Dorset? Let us know in the comments below.