CELEBRATIONS including a beacon lighting, fireworks displays, street parties and a residents' grant have all been recommended to mark the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee next year.

Weymouth Town Council’s Services Committee put forward the suggestions to commemorate the jubilee at the end of May next year.

The committee recommended the reallocation of £29,422 to fund the events.

“These events may encourage people to come to the town, but it is about celebrating Weymouth for Weymouth’s sake,” said councillor David Northam, Services Committee member.

Dorset Echo: Celebrations are planned for the Queen's Jubilee (PA)Celebrations are planned for the Queen's Jubilee (PA)

“We are looking for innovative ways, by making funding available, to support successful celebrations.”

Funding for residents to host celebrations will equate to £6,000 in total and is planned to be given out in £500 grants.

A budget of £6,000 has also been proposed for fireworks and £500 for the beacon lighting event.

Funding grants are intended to be a way for Weymouth residents to suggest their own ideas.

However, Cllr Northam says the money made available is about celebrating all of Weymouth and not just the town centre.

Dorset Echo: Crowds pack out Weymouth harbourside to celebrate the Royal wedding in 2011 when Prince William and Kate Middleton got marriedCrowds pack out Weymouth harbourside to celebrate the Royal wedding in 2011 when Prince William and Kate Middleton got married

“It’s not all about the seafront, it's about local communities where they might be popular.”

It is hoped the street parties, planned in conjunction with Dorset Council, will encourage residents and community groups to organise events, with advice and guidance from the local authorities.

Cllr Northam said he would like to see some suggestions that mirror some of the events seen in the Inside Out festival, making use of the whole of the seafront particularly the Jubilee Clock.

“I thought the puppeteers were very impressive during Inside Out. I would like to see something similar, or new ideas, that run through the town.

“It is all about launching the principle for plenty of initiatives."

The proposed funding allocation for the jubilee celebrations is alongside efforts to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the 2012 Olympics which include plans for a beach sports festival, a sports development grant, space on the beach for clubs, inviting along commercial watersports providers and a £5,000 art installation at the Nothe Gardens.

Weymouth Town Council also said the Great Britain Volleyball Teams have already expressed a keen interest in attending the Weymouth Beach Sports Festival as a final warm-up to the Commonwealth Games.

The proposals will now need to be approved by the Finance and Governance Committee as well as the full council.