The refurbishment changes proposed for Dorchester South train station are nothing but a cosmetic nod to those they are designed to assist.

They are long overdue and I’m sure will all look very nice when done.

But they will NOT help me to use the trains or the many like me move from one platform to the other. We need lifts to the walkway.

Only lifts with proper access to both platforms (without the need for help) will enable and encourage the less able, the disabled and people with baby buggies or luggage to use the trains.

On a trip two years ago, I was impressed with the ease with which I could use London termini, especially London Bridge.

Travelling on a North Kent line, I noted the many stations with lift access to platforms.

Arriving home to Dorchester South, I was lucky that a kind gentleman carried my case over from Platform 2 to Platform 1 and waited for me while I struggled over the uncovered stairs and walkway of the footbridge to collect it and make my way home.

Only the installation of lifts to the walkway will resolve our difficulties.