It's a pleasure to bring you a picture special this week of Weymouth's traditional Guy Fawkes Day celebrations.

Those of us who have memories of the 1950s and 1960s will remember the approach to November 5 – Bonfire Night - on Weymouth Esplanade.

Dorset Echo:

Helping build the bonfire in 1959

Large piles of inflammable detritus- anything that would burn well – would be transported by youths on to the sands and bonfires built.

Dorset Echo:

Gaining some height with the bonfire in 1960

Sometimes they would be set fire to by rival gangs before 5th November.

Dorset Echo:

Mattresses are piled up to create a grand bonfire in 1959

Bonfire Night on the Esplanade was special – yes, fireworks were let off at random and the sound of a “jumping jack” squib going off in the underground toilets would long be remembered!

Dorset Echo:

Building the foundations of the bonfire in 1960 

A few youths would be arrested for various offences and would appear in the Magistrates’ Court the following day.

Dorset Echo:

Scaling a mountainous bonfire on Weymouth beach in 1960

However, it was all a lot of fun and part of the local scene. The photos date from 1959/60.

Dorset Echo:

 Cheeky youngsters building the bonfire in 1960

Many thanks to Geoffrey Pritchard for sharing these pictures with us.