I was horrified when I visited my parents in Weymouth and saw rubbish in Radipole Lake and around the town.

We stopped at Jubilee retail park and watched the rubbish blowing around the car park and down the road to the Swannery.

It was clearly an issue as the bins were overflowing and rubbish left on the ground near the bin.

So there appears to be insufficient containers to put this rubbish and not enough collection or monitoring of the build-up.

We visited in the summer and the Swannery car park was awash with litter, swarming with seagulls and even saw a dead rat - not a hygienic area.

Is it not time heavy fines were issued to those companies and others that pollute our towns and cities?

They forget it’s not just cars they should be monitoring but the impact on the area around.

We now don’t feel the same about visiting as the amount of litter blowing around and piling up is disappointing and the nature reserve, once a place the children loved to explore, is now unpleasant to look at, with rubbish floating in the lake. Come on Dorset Council - large fines would help keep the reserve safe for wildlife and attractive to visitors.


Padstow Cornwall