Readers of last Tuesday’s Echo may be thinking that the problem of disabled access to trains at Dorchester South is going to be solved.

The £1 million is to improve the station and access to the station.

It does not include access to and from trains on platform 2.

If you are a young family, infirm or disabled you will still be faced with 27 steps up and 27 steps down or a 0.7 mile/15 minute walk to access Platform 2.

This is not access for all. Trains from London normally arrive on Platform 2 and passengers will continue to be faced with the 54 steps or a 0.7 mile/15 minute walk to reach the revamped station.

On platform 2 there will still be no facilities and no pull in for taxis/ pick up. Trains to Weymouth normally depart from Platform 2.

Again, the revamp of the station will not provide disabled access to Platform 2, only 54 steps or the 15 minute walk.

Having planned in advance to be on the right platform, if there is a last minute platform change you will miss your train, unless one can somehow take the risks involved in attempting the 54 steps. This is the reality.

This £1million revamp will not solve this problem. Who is doing the disabled assessments?