Mike Fry, 22nd October, makes some important points about using nuclear power stations.

In their favour, they are certainly low carbon emitters, compared to fossil fuels, and do provide continuous load electricity 24/7.

However, their fuel is not renewable, since we will eventually run out of mined imported Uranium and we have not yet decided how and where to store the highly dangerous radioactive waste.

Also nuclear electricity is now more expensive than both wind and solar.

Wind and solar provide variable amounts of electricity, over day and night and changing wind conditions.

The National Grid does a good job in balancing various generating sources, including hydropower which is a good source of continuous base load electricity.

There is scope to expand tidal flow systems to include sites previously considered, like the Severn estuary and the Swansea Bay barrage.

Increased storage capacity, by using pumped storage hydropower systems and vehicular electric batteries, will be able to store excess solar and wind electricity when the sun shines and the wind blows strongly.

Thus nuclear power will have its part to play amongst the other non fossil fuel electricity providers. However, it would be both more expensive and potentially dangerous to become over reliant on this non renewable source of electricity.


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