EIGHT affordable homes are expected to be built on the site of the former Bridport coal yard off Rope Walks.

Dorset Council has approved plans for an application for five 2-bed properties and three 3-bed homes with parking for nine cars.

The site is in the centre of town, south of West Street and west of South Street, within the town conservation area. It includes the former coal yard and a lock-up building as well as a former administration building and a brickwork warehouse.

Public comments on the proposal welcomed the new use for the site and won the backing of Bridport Town Council.

Said one of the public comments: “This is a refreshing proposal. The design is sympathetic with its surroundings, whilst compact the homes appear comfortably adequate, and car parking has been accommodated.”

The development plans involve clearing all the structures on the site, the repair and enhancement of the north and south boundary walls and the construction of eight affordable, traditionally detailed houses along the north boundary of the site.

Seven of the houses would have an access path running along the existing boundary wall. The eighth house would turn through 90 degrees towards Rope Walks.

The application says that road access would be in the south east corner of the site with the houses having gardens and parking on the south side, accessible from the new driveway.

Said the application to Dorset Council: “The proposed development offers significant opportunities to enhance the character and appearance of the conservation area and the setting of listed buildings and has opportunities to better reveal the significance of this part of the conservation area.”