My memory may fail actual detail, but when the redevelopment of the former Eldridge Pope brewery in Dorchester was first mooted (now Brewery Square), wasn’t the plan by the owners/developers to incorporate a re-modelled railway station as the first solarpowered station of the railway network?

If this is incorrect, I stand corrected.

Secondly, recent talk of the £1million budget to improve accessibility prompts me to ask whether it is possible to reinstate the original underground passageway that used to facilitate easy access between platform 1 and 2?

On good authority I understand it was filled in, so surely it can be uncovered? Finally, I am aware (and appreciate the Echo’s inclusion of my letters) that I keep raising issues with regards to our railway links.

I make no apology for identifying worrying signs that both our SWR and GWR routes from Weymouth and Dorchester are underinvested and, to a certain extent, disregarded; they need to be protected, improved and treated more seriously and again I call on all local councillors to do more than just agree.


Newberry Road, Weymouth