We recently saw the return of the Great Global Sighthound Walk, an annual event which had to be postponed last year.

In Dorset, a small group of greyhound and sighthound lovers met in Dorchester for a walk around the Poundbury Hillfort and refreshments afterward at the Pavilion in the Park (PiP).

Parallel, a walk of greyhounds and sighthounds took place at Upton Park. In total over 100 people and hounds attended the walks. Globally 7,509 greyhounds and sighthounds all took part in walking their hounds and raising awareness for the fostering and adoption of those gentle and noble dogs.

In Dorchester, the Forever Hounds Trust (FHT) branch for Dorset joined this global event. Forever Hounds Trust is a charity that promotes the fostering and adoption of Greyhounds, Lurchers, and other Sighthounds. We took a leisurely walk around the Dorchester Poundbury Hill Fort fields and had refreshments after at The Duchess Of Cornwall Inn which is very welcoming to all dogs and their owners. Dog lovers attended with 35 hounds in total.

Greyhounds and sighthounds are one of the most historic and iconic breeds of dog, famed for their incredible athleticism, noble stature, gentle nature and calm temperament. Greyhounds and sighthounds make great companions, they love human company, walk nicely on the lead, adapt to many different lifestyles and contrary to popular belief, they don’t require much exercise - just two 20 minute walks a day, although many can enjoy much more too. They really are 40mph couch potatoes!

In 2016 Forever Hounds Trust celebrated 20 years as a registered charity. We started as a small operation in the West Country, 1996, as Greyhound Rescue West of England, before changing to Forever Hounds Trust (in 2016). We are dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and homing of greyhounds and lurchers. We home around 500 of these special dogs every year.

Forever Hounds Trust takes in greyhounds and lurchers in need. Our dogs come from members of the public, veterinary surgeries, dog wardens, or straight from the greyhound racetracks. Forever Hounds Trust takes in greyhounds, lurchers, and sighthounds of all ages, from puppies to golden oldies!

We carefully match hounds and homes and provide support for life through our post-homing support team of qualified behaviourists. If you can give a loving home to a greyhound or lurcher, please contact us to find out more!

For more information about the Forever Hounds Trust check out the website: https://foreverhoundstrust.org/ You can also follow us on Facebook.

Frankie Veale