Can anyone help a man who is desperately seeking a picture of a Dorchester shopfront?

Mike Smith is looking for an image of the outside of International Stores in South Street. He has sent us this picture of the inside of the shop taken in 1965. His late wife Janice Burgis worked at the shop from 1965 to 1966, until she moved to Portsmouth. She is pictured on the extreme left of the photo.

Tragically, Janice died in a road accident in 1986.

Mr Smith said: "I am writing a short story of our life together. I know it's a long time ago and I'm 74 now but i still think the world of her.

"I'm trying to find a photo of the shop front, I have searched everywhere, there are plenty of photos of South Street but none showing International Stores."

If anyone can help, do get in touch by emailing