I am in agreement with one of your reader's submission on Sept 28 about recycling being pushed by all whilst bin collections are very often hit and miss in the Purbeck area.

Whilst one reader responded by stating reducing waste is our responsibility, the truth of the matter is not so simple.

Supermarkets use more recycling material which means we have more to recycle. Of course, it is incumbent upon households to 'do their bit to help reduce waste, but I ask where are we supposed to put packaging?

The issue is alleged to drivers leaving for more lucrative salaries within the HGV delivery sector and you cannot blame them; we make complaints to the binmen rather than management (because DWP's management are inaccessible to most of us).

It's a lottery in Purbeck as to whether and which bin will be collected (if at all).

A large chunk of council tax pays for adult social care, local roads, etc. but Dorset Waste Partnership get their share and clearly need to manage better their resources.

Too often, when reporting missed bin collections, their website simply states they are short-staffed and cannot re-attend.

For those who have too much overflow, the advice is to pop down to the recycling centre. Many people here are disabled, elderly or otherwise unable to drive and so what are they to do?

We pay for a service which is not provided–in any other area of business, that would be a breach of contract and warrant withholding payment until such services were reinstated.

It seems the council are trialling a once-a-month bin collection without consultation with those who pay for their services; if indeed they wish to change to monthly (rather than fortnightly) collections, they need to provide additional bins though I doubt this will make much of a difference.

Such will require additional staff to collect the additional bins and we are again back at the beginning of this problem.

Maria Williams