At last there is a national debate about so-called “smart” motorways which some of us motorway users have been questioning since 2019.

This has been sparked off by MPS on the House of Commons Transport Select Committee who have warned that the introduction of any further such “all-lane” motorways should be halted until their safety can be ensured.

The highway “smart” stretches use the hard shoulder as a permanent live traffic lane to increase traffic capacity.

But anyone who, like me, feels very unsafe when driving on motorways which have “smart” sections, may wish to write to Grant Shapps, the Secretary of State for Transport, backing up the Committee’s views.

It is nonsense to suggest that technology could be installed to make such stretches “safe”.

Drivers often ignore overhead signals to reduce speed because of queues or “incidents” ahead.

Some even ignore the 50mph instruction where workmen are operating nearby.

The Government should not only stop any further roll-out of such hard shoulder-free stretches but should also scrap those already in existence.

Thirty eight travellers have already been killed in five years on these “dice-with-death” motorways. How many more people must die before common sense prevails?