A sight no longer seen on Weymouth seafront is the focus of today's Picture of the Day.

This is the much loved Pier Bandstand photographed in July 1939. As you can see on this summer's day, many people were enjoying a stroll out onto the pier.

You can even see some folk enjoying the views of Weymouth bay while sat in deckchairs on the pier.

Very sadly the Pier Bandstand was demolished in 1986 - the council deemed it unsafe and too costly to repair.

Many readers have happy memories of the Pier Bandstand.

Among them are visiting the popular Pullinger's restaurant, listening to pop bands who would play on the pier (Georgie Fame and the Blue Flames and the Hollies played there), tea dances in the 1940s (where Philip Hickman's parents met), wedding receptions (Janet Graham had her's there in 1963), watching wrestling there and also happy times swimming under the pier.

Tell us your memories of the Pier Bandstand

"Let us know your favourite things about Weymouth's Pier Bandstand"

We asked for your responses - this is what you sent.

Brian Cheesman

What did you do on the Pier Bandstand?
My memories, from the middle to late 1950s are linked to playing under the pier late on sunny afternoons and smelling the aroma of beans on toast emanating from Pullingers restaurant. (I am sure any relative linked to the Pullinger family might deny they ever served beans on toast as a 'high tea dish').

What did you like about it?
It always seemed to be out of reach to us as council house lads.