Do you remember when the Conservatives wanted to sell off the Forestry Commission land, followed soon after, to provide licences right across the UK to undertake fracking, claiming that would be our future, for an energy source?

Back then, if I recall correctly, they had no real interest in offshore wind farms, or indeed, on land.

Here we are today, they refuse to provide funds to even clean up sewerage waste.

Boris Johnson was a climate change denier. He also said the coronavirus was nothing more than flu.

Brexit would be a win, win bonus, for the UK. He is now telling everybody the world is coming to and end, and blames China, Russia, India. He forgets Great Britain once ruled about 1/3rd of the world during an industrial, expanding era, in our history.

Now we have a disunited Kingdom. Outside of the most important trading bloc, the EU.

But never mind, anybody can come to this country without going into quarantine, whilst we have one of the worse infection rates!

What really annoys me is that in the 1950s, I think the world's population was around 2.5 billion and during the 1960s it shot up to 3 billion. Back then, I remember some people saying, we can not carry on like that. There will be food shortages, energy sources will run dry, there will be new viruses, as we had such a care free attitude towards the environment, and sadly, a selfish non respect, for each other.

Being an OAP, I can not see there will be much of any improvement in my lifetime. Where I live, I have witnessed the disappearance of a lot of wildlife and indeed, plants. There, are now more cramped homes, than ever within most built up areas. Those are not homes, they are prisons, for which you pay a fortune to own, or rent.

Richard Grant