We take a trip to Weymouth's Park District today for our Big Picture.

This photo, yet another favourite from the Andy Hutchings collection, shows Lennox Street in the days of it being a busy neighbourhood street rife with small businesses.

In the middle of the photo the shop with the awning has 'Lennox Street Post Office' on the wall above it. It's understood that this post office continued until the 1980s.

We're also interested to find out more about the Greys Tent banner you can see at chimney height on the building next door.

On the street you can see a woman in a long dress and hat in the foreground, a youngster in the middle of the road and a couple strolling arm in arm down the street.

We know that over the years Lennox Street has continued to thrive with its businesses. Some of you may remember the Stag Inn, Needle fishmongers and fruiterer, Cheesemans, Croads newspaper shop, the Tizer shop, Bonds bakery and the wool shop which became the barbers - and remains there to this day.