Copy of letter to Chris Loder MP for West Dorset.

It was indefensible when Mr Paterson was found guilty of repeatedly breaching the rules on paid lobbying.

But it was even more shocking when I saw your name on the list of MPs who tried to retrospectively mitigate his punishment.

You were entrusted, as an MP, to act honourably.

The public already have a low level of trust in this Government, which has a reputation (just like it did in the 90s for nepotism, lying and sleaze.) This event will reduce it even further.

The fact Mr Johnston later reversed his view in the face of wide disapproval, only left you and your colleagues who blindly voted their support, looking rather stupid.

Can you reassure me that, in future, you will only make independent-minded, principled and moral decisions, as all MPs should, as set out in the Code of Conduct and Rules of Conduct for MPs 2019, and unswayed by threats or directives from your leader?

Annabel Broome