We weren't wrong when we suggested that this picture below, published across two pages of the Echo in our Big Picture series, might stoke a few memories.

Taken in 1965, it shows a train racing going across the Chickerell Road, Weymouth, Bridge and the road's long gone pub the Railway Arch hotel. The pub closed in 1985, the same year Devenish stopped brewing, and was converted to six flats.

Dorset Echo: A goods train bound for Portland crosses the bridge in Chickerell Road Weymouth in February 1965A goods train bound for Portland crosses the bridge in Chickerell Road Weymouth in February 1965

You can also see another picture of the pub in its heyday here. Note the old car in the bottom right hand corner of the picture and the advertising billboard for Persil washing powder!

Dorset Echo: The Railway Arch pub in Newstead RoadThe Railway Arch pub in Newstead Road

Mrs Amy Dunn, now of Dorchester, picked up the phone and let us know that she grew up in a house not far way from where the picture was taken.

She said: "My surname was then Knight and we lived just behind where the photo was taken. I was living there until 1953 when I got married. I remember as a child having a lemonade from the pub and the noise of the trains coming from Portland.

"We would go up on the bridge to watch football matches as you could see the football ground at Newstead Road from there."

Mrs Dunn said she has very happy memories of living at the house with her sister Josie, brother Tom and step siblings Marion and Morris Zollo.

Dorset Echo: The former Railway Arch hotel now converted to flatsThe former Railway Arch hotel now converted to flats

We also heard from Marie Foster, who got in touch because she loved seeing the picture.

She writes: "We've lived in Weymouth all our lives and we loved the picture of the Railway Arch in Chickerell Road, it brought back a lot of memories. My Nan lived in the houses opposite. I lived there with my mum and dad until the age of two years.

"My cousin and I would run out and wave to the trains going past. The Railway Arch pub held a party for the children on Coronation Day and I still have the mug we were given."

Mrs Foster very kindly sent us a photo of the mug, which you can see here.

Dorset Echo: Marie Foster's commemorative mug from the Railway Arch hotelMarie Foster's commemorative mug from the Railway Arch hotel

*It was also a pleasure to hear from Esmee Nicholls, of Weymouth, who remembers the Railway Arch pub well.

She tells us: "When I was little my dad was a railway man. We would go up and sit on the railway and watch the football at the ground over in Newstead Road.

"My dad would say 'we'll have to get off here for a couple of minutes because the train would go to Portland. We'd get off the line then go back on again and carry on watching the football.

"My aunt Annie Potton worked in the Railway Arch hotel and I think it might be her in the hat in the picture talking to a lady under the bridge. At the time she worked there Scott and Beryl Howes owned the pub and she used to clean for them. Once a week on a Friday she'd go down there and work for them.

"I was born in my aunt Annie's house and remained living there until I was seven and a half.

"I just couldn't believe it when I saw this photo, seeing here there. She lived until she was 80."

Thanks to you all for sharing your memories of the bygone days of the Railway Arch hotel.