AS we pause to remember the fallen this Remembrance Day, our thoughts naturally turn to the veterans of the Second World War, rightly so.

This stoic and humble generation made the ultimate sacrifice and have been an inspiration for the countless servicemen and women who have followed after them.

We must also remember those who answered their country’s call to serve more recently in campaigns in the Middle East, and Europe.

Events in Afghanistan this year reminded us all, not least those who had served there and their families, that for those who do their duty, duty does not end when they arrive home. For many, the physical and mental impact of their service remains with them for the rest of their lives.

Our mission at the Fund is to find all those who did their duty, however long ago, and ensure they know we are here for them, as long as they need us.

In celebration of their service, we are calling on members of the public to share their loved ones’ stories as part of our Month to Remember.

Go to to pay tribute to your family members.

Air Vice-Marshal Chris Elliot


RAF Benevolent Fund