Popular music streaming service Spotify and social media app Snapchat is down for users across the UK.

Spotify was suffering technical issues on Tuesday evening with users reporting they could not listen to their favourite songs from the popular streaming app.

According to DownDetector, problems started at around 5:30pm on Tuesday evening with over 16,000 reports made within 15 minutes.

52% of issues reported relate to the app will 33% of reports highlight problems with the website.

Is Snapchat down UK?

Meanwhile, video messaging service Snapchat is down for users across the UK.

The social media service, allows users to share pictures and videos with friends and family.

Users across the UK have reported issues with sending ‘snaps’ on the platform.

DownDetector has received reports of problems after the popular social media app crashed for swathes of users across the UK.

Nearly 50,000 outage reports were shared with DownDetector at around 6pm on Tuesday evening.

Instagram, Google and Pokemon Go are down

DownDetector also received outage reports for a range of popular services including Instagram, Google, Fitbit and Pokemon Go.

The reason for the outages are currently unknown.