On Monday I lost my phone, so spent the morning searching house and car, later the shops and businesses in Bridport, all to no avail.

The sympathy, kindness and patience I was shown was enough to raise anyone’s spirits, so thank you all very much.

Above and beyond that was the quick response of a young mum and her boys who took pity on this distracted, elderly figure peering under cars in the afternoon.

She asked if I was ok, which was generous in itself. As soon as I explained she said, “Oh, it’s in Soulshine, they put up a notice.”

Just like that! Sure enough it had been handed in. So, to all the anonymous angels who, picked it up, handed it in, wrote a notice, stuck it up, read it and worked out the connection to an old woman bent double scouring the gutters, a huge thank you. I am so grateful and humbled by your kindness.

Here’s to all the people who take the time to help the world go round by helping one another.