As a Council Tax payer here on Portland I feel compelled to comment on the amount of litter, rubbish and dead animals left to decompose on our local roads.

I travel daily along the A354 to Dorchester and my heart sinks seeing the current state of it.

This week in particular heading up to the Ridgeway there was lots of smashed up insulation board along with cardboard, plastic bags and general litter.

On Wednesday we all had the pleasure of seeing the remains of a dead fox all over the road, no doubt attracted to the odour of the very large dead deer on the grass verge.

As an adult I find these sights distressing; I wonder how many children get upset by seeing the dead wildlife whilst travelling along this road. Heading up the A35 isn’t much better either with rubbish and dead animals everywhere.

We pay a premium in Council Tax to live here and the council keep on raising it too with no improvement in services being delivered.

I feel if it doesn’t affect the seafront or the old council offices then the council doesn’t really care. Our town centre is run down and vandalised and is being ignored.

Weymouth and Portland are beautiful places to live and work in and as local tax payers we deserve so much better than this.

We want tourism here however the first thing visitors see is rubbish everywhere and a rather neglected looking town. We all deserve so much more than the services currently being provided.

John Brayne

Victory Road, Portland