There has been some interest recently in how home care workers in particular are being exploited by not being paid for the travelling time between calls.

In a rural area like Dorset this can be highly significant.

I know of one such worker who on occasions has had to drive from the Weymouth/Dorchester area to the Bridport area and then back.

To make things even worse the mileage rate that they are currently paid is 20p per mile.

From that they have to cover all the car’s expenses - fuel, tax, insurance - which has to cover using the car for work and wear and tear.

HMRC uses a figure of 44p per mile as reasonable and levels no tax on that. Some public sector workers get in excess of 50p!

Is it not time that our legislators forced these companies to pay their staff for all the hours they are actually working and to provide them with a vehicle and not expect them to subsidise their own jobs.

If the real cost reflects back on the employer it might make them be more efficient with their scheduling.

Howard Cogan

Portland Road, Weymouth