THE boss of Condor Ferries has attended a meeting with officials in Weymouth - the most positive sign in years that a Channel Islands crossing could one day return.

The meeting, which was held on Monday, comes after Weymouth town councillors unanimously backed plans to explore the potential of a Weymouth to Guernsey passenger service - with officials in Guernsey said to have "great appetite" for the plans.

Dorset Council has given Weymouth Town Council until the end of June 2022 to determine whether a ferry service from Weymouth harbour will be viable or not, as part of the Dorset Plan.

Discussions have been ongoing as part of a faesibility study - however the visit by Condor's CEO John Napton this week is the most positive sign so far that a service could be resumed.

It would be a major economy boost for Weymouth which was a ferry port for decades and has suffered without passengers coming and going on the ships.

Dorset Echo: Condor Vitesse on its way out of WeymouthCondor Vitesse on its way out of Weymouth

A Weymouth Town Council spokesperson said: “The meeting on the 22nd was mentioned last week at the public Full Council meeting in a round-up of upcoming engagements.

"The CEO from Condor was in attendance on the 22nd, as they are currently looking into a feasibility study, which has been reported in the media previously.

"Weymouth town councillors have been given until next year to report back to Dorset Council on this issue. An update on the project will be provided at a future public council meeting.”

Condor Ferries, which previously provided a link to the Channel Islands and France, switched its services to Poole in 2015 after Weymouth port was deemed unsuitable for its larger ferry, and required £10 million worth of investment to make it viable.

The former borough council had spent £4 million refurbishing a berth, but Condor required a larger berth which needed a major upgrade.

With Condor’s departure the council lost £750,000 a year in harbour income and the local economy suffered a major blow as passengers headed to Poole.

Calls have been made over the years for the service to resume.