A FILM exploring the history of an old tramway which used to run through Weymouth has been released on DVD.

A new DVD story has been launched about the old quay tramway line that once covered the route to Weymouth Docks from the main station.

Titled ‘A Tribute to the Weymouth Quay Tramway’, the hour-long film covers the full history of the tramway from its building in the 19th century through to the final boat trains operating in 1999. Historical scenes are covered with old archive films from the 1940s through to the last specials trains to celebrate the end of the one-mile branch line.

Dorset Council removed the disused rails in Weymouth in a bid to improve road safety.

The harbour ‘tramway’ was blamed for causing multiple accidents but the project to remove the lines, which began in October 2019, received some criticism from locals who were keen to preserve history.

Film of the demolition of tracks in the road in 2020 are included in the final scenes which removed any sign of the tramway forever.

The quay line was crucial to the development and economy of the port with goods and passengers using the channel islands ferries. Huge markets were exploited for the import of tomatoes and potatoes which would be transported by rail direct from the docks via the tramway to markets in the midlands and in London.

The DVD is available from the producers at www.railwayvideo.com