Melcombe Regis Rotary Club is looking for charities, organisations, clubs, and not for profit groups who work with, and/ or support young people and children within the Weymouth area. 

Our hope is to identify smaller charities, groups who provide services to young people and children. We feel these smaller types of causes are often overlooked and have suffered as a result of not being able to raise funds because of the Covid crisis.

We invite any such group to contact us and give a brief outline of what they do, how many people they cater for and activities that are undertaken, and what a donation would be used for. We do not make donations to individuals but where appropriate are pleased to support groups, clubs, charities etc that are run by unpaid volunteers and supporters.

All applications will be reviewed by the club and successful applicants will be invited to attend a club night and where possible, with some of the children and young people involved and give a short presentation on their cause and what the donation will be used for. Cheques will then be presented.

We are intending to make several donations up to £250 per application. Each application will be judged on its merits and unfortunately, we may not be able to support every application. Melcombe Regis Rotary Club reserve the right to refuse any application not considered suitable.

Key criteria are:

  • The applicants must support children and young people up to 21yrs old
  • Must be a Weymouth based group
  • Be able to evidence the status of group applying
  • Please enclose contact number for person applying
  • Registered charity number where applicable

To apply please send an email with the above information and how any donation would be used to

Applications close on 30th January 2022. Whilst this project is being run and financed by Melcombe Regis Rotary Club we would be delighted to have a company or individuals to support us.

We are also actively seeking new members and more information can be obtained by contacting