A PROTEST and solidarity fast is being held in support of a Weymouth Insulate Britain activist who is on hunger strike in prison.

Jailed Emma Smart, 44, will have been on hunger strike for two weeks tomorrow, Tuesday November 29 and has reportedly been moved onto a healthcare wing of the prison.

Emma was among the nine members of a group jailed at the High Court in London after they admitted breaching an injunction by taking part in a blockade at junction 25 of the motorway during the morning rush hour on October 8.

Emma, a biologist, announced her intention to go on hunger strike immediately and said in a statement, released after she and the other activists were taken to the cells by security officers, that the Government is “betraying us."

Emma's husband Andrew Smith confirmed she has been moved onto a healthcare wing at HMP Bronzefield as a precaution.

He said: "They have relocated her into the healthcare wing for practical reasons so that they can monitor her."

Dorset Echo: Emma is concerned for future generations due to the climate emergency Emma is concerned for future generations due to the climate emergency

In a statement released by Insulate Britain, Emma said: “The window of my cell is blocked up and there is little natural light, in my previous cell I could see the birds and trees that line the prison fence.

"I have less time to go outside in the prison yard for exercise now. All of this is testing my resolve to continue, but I feel that not eating is the only thing I can do from prison to draw attention to those who will have to make the choice between heating and eating this winter.”

Supporters are to join her in solidarity with a collective fast for 24 hours starting at 8am outside No.10 Downing Street.

People who are unable to get to London will be fasting from home in solidarity of Emma, the other prisoners, and Insulate Britain’s demands.

They will be sharing pictures on social media with the hashtags #IStandWithEmmaSmart and #HungerStrike

Emma is refusing to eat until the Government issues a statement committing to:

• Insulating all social housing by 2025

• Insulating the remainder by 2030

• Prevent 8,500 deaths this year from fuel poverty

• Create hundreds and thousands of good jobs

• Reduce UK’s carbon emissions by 15%