I was very concerned to read the article in Monday’s Echo about Weymouth Town Council’s services meeting discussing the future of firework displays in Weymouth.

Weymouth Town Council has very few responsibilities of a statutory nature (no adult services or children’s services, no highways, no waste collection) yet they have a budget of £3 million, of which roughly £25,000 is spent on fireworks or 0.08% of total spend.

They have moved thousands of pounds into reserves, ready for a pre-election precept cut no doubt, they want to increase the total number of councillors from 29 (too many) to 30 (way too many).

They can play shop keeper at Auntie Vi’s yet when it comes to putting a free event for the people of this town and its paying visitors why does the council’s leadership seem so keen on backing out?

As a dog lover I share some concerns around noise, however, I do not feel that reducing these events or scrapping them completely is right.

While out door knocking in my ward recently, I discussed this with residents.

Many residents described how on a cold November night, instead of staying in, they went out to town, and put money into businesses that they wouldn’t have done so otherwise without the brilliant display as the main attraction.

Others said that the joy they had taking visiting grandchildren to watch the fireworks over the bay was enormous.

I also spoke to residents who said of the great time they as a family had been able to attend the summer fireworks events for free given how expensive the summer holidays can be for families.

I remember this myself growing up in Littlemoor trekking down through the fields to watch the displays every Monday and enjoying myself despite having little money.

The town councils’ own limited survey shows support for the displays. A poll I’ve conducted had a greater response than the TC’s, and showed support for the fireworks supporting some form of continued display either silent or non-silent at 80%.

I’m happy to explore new options for events provided they are as well as the firework displays not in place of it.

We need more events like this that fill our town, that are enjoyed by everyone, rich and poor.

Cllr Louie O’Leary