I am writing to ask if our local community can please take greater care when it comes to the wearing of face coverings this winter.

As the country enforces the use of them once again, I am saddened to see how so many people just walk straight into the shops and sit on buses without a care in the world, totally ignoring the rules, thinking they just don’t apply to them.

Unfortunately, shop workers are powerless to stop these actions, because of the fears for their safety, if they so much as politely ask someone not to enter until they’ve followed the rules, or that their covering is better used over their nose and mouth, rather than their chin.

I fully appreciate there are some who for one reason or another, simply cannot wear them.

However, there are just as many who simply cannot be bothered. It’s these people to which I refer.

It’s the inconsiderate few, who ruin the safety of the many by openly bragging about the fact they refuse to comply. The reason you’re being told to wear face coverings again, is to protect the people whom you come into contact with.

It’s not to stop you receiving the virus; it’s to help stop you transmitting it. It’s in case you’re asymptomatic, which means you’re carrying the virus, and actively transmitting it without even knowing you have it.

That way, whilst we don’t stand a chance at stopping the spread completely (as there’s always someone who feels the rules don’t apply to them), we can certainly slow it down. In doing so, we stand a further chance in being able to refuse it the opportunity to find people to infect so quickly, and decrease our chances of becoming ill, or worse, dying of it.

Finally, please remember that just because you’ve had your vaccines, doesn’t mean you’re immune from having to wear face coverings.

Nor does it mean you are immortal. Every life is important. Make yours count. You have an opportunity to make informed choices, before they’re made for you.

Make the right choices. Look out for yourself, and those you love. Let’s do this so we can have a better Christmas than last year.

Thank you.

Marion Sanders

Wakeham, Portland