PUPILS were shocked to find that their school had been transformed into an airport runway as part of an inspiring week of learning organised by staff.

Children arrived at the Prince of Wales School on Maiden Castle Road, Dorchester on Monday morning to the site of a snow-covered runway breaking out through the front doors of their main school entrance. Alongside the unusual site they found their headteacher, Mr. Gary Spracklen dressed in ‘Steam-Punk’ attire beside a 20-foot Christmas tree that had popped up seemingly overnight.

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Mr Spracklen, playing the role of ‘Airport Manager’ welcomed children into the ‘#InspiredToLearn Arctic Airfield’ which also included a full-size Santa sleigh complete with a life-like Rudolf the Red-Nose Reindeer.

Children were said to be shocked to come across a snow-covered airfield where their main school corridor once stood.

Speaking about the surprise, Year 4 pupil Alfie said, “We all thought we were coming to school for a normal day of learning. It’s a real surprise to find out our school has been transported to another world! It’s a very exciting place to be!"

The children then found themselves in an on-site arrivals lounge complete with security checks and passport control gates.

Year 2 pupil Grace said: “Everyone kept saying that someone special was due to arrive shortly in a hot air balloon. Someone called Phileas Fogg! Apparently, he’s an adventurer who is on an around the world trip in eighty days. I think we are going to find out more about it soon. I really hope we get to meet him in person!”

Speaking about the work staff have done, assistant headteacher, Mrs Sam Johnson said: “It’s taken the team here at The Prince of Wales School lots of time to plan out the individual elements to ensure the week ahead truly inspires all our young learners. We’ve worked with a number of partner organisations to make this happen including the Royal Navy who have been highly supportive of our plans.

"Over the weekend, a dedicated team of our staff came into school and secretly transformed our corridors and classroom spaces."

Chair of governors at The Prince of Wales School, Mr. Kevin Tatchell said: “This transformation has only been possible because of the hard work of a dedicated staff team. At The Prince of Wales School we have an ethos that welcomes all learners and seeks to inspire everyone to learn. Our staff care deeply about providing the very best experience for each and every child at our school - today is further testament to that!”