WEYMOUTH has just experienced its driest November since records began, according to a local weather expert.

Despite that late-month flurry of rain and snow, November was a dry month for most, with Autumn overall in 2021 being the warmest on record for Northern Ireland & third warmest for the UK

Our local weather expert, Roger Willis, said that this past November has been 'very unique' for Weymouth and said it was the driest since daily records measuring rainfall in the area began in 1926.

The driest November on record in Weymouth was in 1933 when 17.3mm of rain was recorded. In the past ten years, the autumn month has typically seen an average rainfall of 94.6mm.

However, this November the seaside town only saw a total rainfall of 13.1mm.

Mr Willis said: "Weymouth has just experienced an extraordinary weather event.

"With the climate changing, we can generally expect, wetter winters and drier summers.

"In fact the average rainfall for Weymouth for the past ten years for November was 94.6mm. This average has varied little over several decades.

"This year Weymouth`s November rainfall total was 13.1mm.

"This was the driest November since 1933 when 17.3mm was recorded for the month."