A MAN who is accused of murdering a millionaire was part of a "vicious triangle" with Sir Richard Sutton and his own mother, a jury was told.

Thomas Schreiber, 35, is on trial over allegedly murdering Sir Richard, 83, and attempting to murder his mother, Anne Schreiber, 66, at their Dorset home on April 7.

Giving evidence at Winchester Crown Court on Thursday, December 2, Rose McCarthy, the defendant's sister, said there were tensions three ways at the Moorhill property in Higher Langham, near Gillingham.

Mrs McCarthy, 36, said: "It became quite obvious to the family that it was becoming a vicious triangle – the three of them living at Moorhill."

Prosecuting, Adam Feest QC asked Mrs McCarthy about a message exchange on April 6 with the defendant – the day before the anniversary of their father's death.

The defendant sent a message saying: "Raising a glass to dad who passed away eight years ago today. RIP. You remember right? Your real father David, not the one who “bought you” who you call your father #cupboard love”.

Mrs McCarthy responded to this message saying the anniversary was the next day and "that message is completely unacceptable and untrue. Check yourself".

In relation to Sir Richard, she told the court "he was a great father figure", "a second father", "a step father" and "it was not bought". She said she is "proud" to call him her step father.

During cross examination from Joe Stone QC, Ms McCarthy said the defendant did not even know the date of their father's death.

The court was played an audio recording of a call between the defendant and his other sister, Louisa Schrieber, which was made by the former while he was remanded in custody.

During the call, made on April 27, Louisa Schrieber, 40, told her brother their mother was paralysed from the neck down and she was not sure if she would ever move again. Thomas Schreiber told his sister "I didn't mean for any of this to happen".

Referencing the fatal incident on April 7, he said it "wasn't me there that day, it wasn't Tom Schreiber, it was someone else". He made a mention to it being "demons".

"Everything is so regrettable," the defendant told his sister. He also said: "All I want to do is turn back the clock."

Caroline Sutton, Sir Richard's 56-year-old daughter, told the court each of the Schreiber children were given £100,000 a couple of years ago by her father and a £1,000 monthly allowance.

She said her father wanted Thomas Schreiber out of the house but he would not go.

Steven Woodward, 49, Caroline Sutton's partner, said the defendant had a "total lack of respect" for Sir Richard and his possessions.

Mr Woodward, said the defendant "thought the world owed him a living" and "he thought he was better than everybody else".

Sathia Pagliuca, who started a relationship with the defendant in October 2020, said Thomas Schreiber felt hated by his family and he hated them.

Ms Pagliuca, 27, said the defendant spoke about doing something bad to Sir Richard and his mother on more than one occasion.

"He wanted to take a gun and shoot a bullet in his mother's forehead," she told the court.

Thomas Schreiber, of Gillingam, denies murder and attempted murder.

The trial continues.