A SEAGULL who got a fishing hook stuck in its beak is a ‘poignant reminder’ why people should clean up after themselves and the reason litter picking projects exist, says one campaigner.

Jane Fuhrmann, one of the members at the Weymouth and Portland Marine Litter Project, was out collecting waste from the organisation's bins when she noticed the distressed bird.

“I was emptying the line bin when I saw the gull that had swallowed some angling tackle and got a hook stuck in its beak with line and weight attached,” said Ms Fuhrmann.

Dorset Echo: Injured gull who had swallowed hook. Picture: Weymouth and Portland Marine Litter Project.

She managed to get the bird into a box with the help of a warden from the Chesil Beach visitor centre, near to where the gull was found, and that is where the animal remains currently.

“He is now in isolation because of avian flu, but was given antibiotics and was eating today. We have been told as long as he doesn’t get an infection he has a fighting chance of survival.

“I know people do not think gulls sometimes should be rescued but we have got to look after all animals. It’s a poignant reminder to clean up, he was the victim of what happens when we do not.”