I don't remember much of what I got for Christmas when I was 3, 4 or even 6-10.

But I DO remember the excitement. The magic.

I remember me and my sister waking up and creeping downstairs then racing up to wake mum and dad screaming ‘he’s been!’

I remember opening presents while my parents sat grinning.

I remember dad playing with us with Christmas songs playing and silly sticky bows stuck to his head!

I remember mum calling us to dinner but not caring if we hardly ate, once a year didn’t hurt!

After all, mum let us have chocolate for breakfast! I remember me and my sister running ahead shouting merry Christmas to everyone on our traditional after dinner walk.

I remember playing games after a cold meat and pickle tea. I remember the fun chaos of the day. I remember me and my sister falling asleep to films Christmas night cuddled up to mum and dad.

I remember feeling happy, content and glad that I have my family around me.

Memories last much much longer than the latest expensive toys.

So this Christmas, don’t worry about what you can’t get, concentrate on what you have. Your children will grow up and remember the feeling not the gift.