A MAJOR development of homes, a care home and a hotel at Weymouth's Newton's Cove could be under construction next year according to a developer.

A planning application is to be submitted next month for apartments, houses and a care home - with a household name restaurant and a military organisation said to be interested in occupying part of the site at Bincleaves.

It comes after a succession of proposals over the years that have failed to get off the ground.

But the latest proposal has sparked concerns about additional traffic up Boot Hill - one of the town's most congested roads.

As reported, the former QinetiQ Bincleaves site was sold to Poole-based Juno Developments in March, which unveiled a £70 million proposal for developing it into a 65-bed nursing home, 184 apartments; seven houses an 80-bedroomed hotel, plus leisure facilities, and a commercial unit generating 15,000 square foot of employment space.

Since then the developer has consulted residents and Dorset Council's Planning team, and is said to be "pleased" with feedback. The draft plans have now been amended to deal with matters relating to height of some of the buildings; pedestrian access; car parking, and public realm, explained Juno's director James Dean.

Dorset Echo: Artist impression of the proposed waterfront elevation for the site at Newton's CoveArtist impression of the proposed waterfront elevation for the site at Newton's Cove

"This is not going to be another false start for Weymouth," he said. "Subject to approval by the council, we will be on site next year."

He added: "We have strong interest from household name restaurant operators who hope to take the commercial space when it is approved, and are close to agreeing terms with Agincare for them to build a flagship care home.

"Additionally we are pleased to report serious interest in the water fronted office and commercial unit from a military-based organisation."

Dorset Echo: Proposed care home at the former QinetiQ site, BincleavesProposed care home at the former QinetiQ site, Bincleaves

But traffic to the site would have to flow via Hope Square, or Rodwell Avenue via congested Boot Hill, and this has led to local concern.

Weymouth East councillor Luke Wakeling said: "I’m pleased to see someone coming forward to develop this site. "But I am slightly concerned that the proposal is over-development, which would be detrimental to our beautiful coastline, and may lead to excessive traffic. I also hope that the parking and active travel provision can be improved, as it doesn’t look adequate to me."

Weymouth resident Steve Elsworth said: "We’re looking at delivery lorries, cars belonging to property owners, and visitors. The amount of traffic would be horrendous. Boot Hill already breaks the previous World Health Organisation guidelines (for air pollution,) let alone the revised ones produced in September 2022.

"If Dorset Council approves this application, they would be breaking their climate change commitments and increasing the risk to children’s health locally."



Juno Developments responded by saying the revised plans have sought to improve pedestrian connectivity with the town centre, and propose a level of parking, that alongside active controls, would meet the scheme’s parking needs.


Dorset Echo: How the site looks nowHow the site looks now

Director James Dean added: "We will carry out a traffic assessment, and, as deemed appropriate and necessary, off-site highway works will be proposed to help direct the flow and speed of traffic on the local road network, together with potential enhancements to existing public transport infrastructure close by.’’

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