I WAS saddened and angered to drive along a road in Weymouth to see that an area of green space and trees have been cut and down and cleared.

I assume this is for yet another housing development? The same thing was done on Lanehouse Rocks Road.

Are we just building anywhere now? Why don’t we clear Greenhill park and gardens for luxury apartments? I sure they’d fetch a pretty penny.

But how can Weymouth and surrounding areas begin to build more houses when our current public transport and infrastructure cannot cope with the local population it is already home to?

If this new development north of Dorchester goes ahead, the area will be gridlocked. Last week it took 45 minutes to get from Dorchester South station to the Football Stadium roundabout.

Before more green land is lost and more houses are built our local councils and politicians need to invest in better public transport and infrastructure before we become overwhelmed.

We are, after all, only towns here in south Dorset and not big cities.


William Scott
Dorchester Road