I KNOW I, along with many others, have shed many tears over the case of the dear little boy, Arthur Labinjo-Hughes, who died after suffering appallingly at the hands of the very people who should have been loving him.

I know the social services have a very hard job and are stretched beyond imagination.

However, I am ignorant of the legal reasons why, time after time we hear that for some reason when they visit a child they are given every excuse as to why the child cannot be seen.

Surely, if there is any cause for concern the welfare of the child should be of paramount importance.

As such, the social worker should be able to return at the first opportunity with the police, without having to inform the parents/guardians that this is their intention.

People who have something like that to hide can be very cunning at covering up their evil, as we have heard from similar past cases.

I cannot think of any good reason why this not should not be made legal immediately.


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