I represent the South West Dorset Talking Newspaper for the blind and visually impaired (SWDTN) which is based in Weymouth.

We have about 120 listeners and each week we produce a talking newspaper of local news, for people who cannot read the paper because of visual impairment.

The difference this makes to people is quite important, because although you can always listen to the radio, many small local news topics are not covered.

We find that people really appreciate being able to access this information, it makes the news accessible to them and so is important from an inclusive point of view.

We have an amazing team of volunteers, readers, technical producers, organisers and a team that comes to our studio in Chickerell Road once a week to sort out the distribution of the wallets, that include the memory stick of our paper and magazine, this is then sent in the post to our listeners.

We supply them with a player if they need one and so we can help them to access the magazine and paper. But we have a couple of things that you could really help with.

Our secretary is leaving, and we need one for our charity.

Keith Eagleton has been with us for eight years and has done a wonderful job, we are so grateful to him, so now we need a replacement.

The committee meets every eight weeks, usually on a Wednesday morning for around 60 minutes. An ordinary level of computer skills are needed in mainly MS Word, but also able to access and copy MSExcel, and e-mail. We really need someone. We also need more volunteers on Wednesday mornings from about 8.45am for an hour to help process and distribute the wallets, in our studio.

Finally we want to make a call out to anyone who would like to receive our free talking newspaper each week.

If you know anyone who would like it, please call Ann Sawtell 01305 782602 or call the studio, 01305 783628. The phone is checked once a week on Wednesdays, so messages can be left. Our email is studio@swdtn.co.uk.

Thank you

Eleanor Smith